Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday High Fives...

     I know it seems like with all that is going on, I would have a list of Low Fives, but actually there have been a lot of good things this week.

     1.  The heating element on the hot water heater died while it was still under warranty, so it was just fixed [for free! *heavenly choir sings*].

     2.  A new friend took me to lunch yesterday and offered to drive me to my doctor appointments next Thursday.  She also drove me to the grocery store so I could get some much needed groceries [and dog food! *heavenly dogs bark*]

     3.  The broken belt on the car opens the door for another car to be found.  Sometimes we can't welcome new things into our lives until we get rid of the old.  "Circumstances" often appear in the form of problems that allow for us to grow.  Nothing ever happens by chance.

     4.  There has been a family of cardinals that seem to be at home in the back yard.  Dad sings quite loudly at times, while Mom and their daughter peep and hop around the vines in the yard.  They make me smile when I see.  I love the bright red of Dad, and the soft peeps of the females.

     5.  My townhouse is at the end of one of the runways of the Air Force base across the bay.  My morning wake up has been the sound of F-22's and F-15's at takeoff, flying low over the house.  While it doesn't seem like that would be a good thing, for me it is a familiar sound and more comforting than the occasional sounds of explosions coming from the Army post.  It is the sound of freedom.  A sound of security.
Freedom in the air...
P.S.  After I sent this to publish, I read my email and my Note from the Universe.  "Circumstances."  Nothing is by chance...

"Remember you once told me, Cindi, that if ever all of the circumstances in your life were aligned just so, your soon-to-be friends were in all the right places at all the right times, and the financial markets, social climate, and global energies had all reached optimal points... you'd want to be gently nudged as a subtle sign that it was time to start doing new things, saying new things, and visualizing so that you might catch these gargantuan waves of change and surf to dazzling new heights?

Hang ten, 
The Universe"


  1. I see the Cardinal family as a sure sign of good luck. If you ever get a picture, would love to see.

    "A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song." ~Chinese Proverb

    I love reading your "song"

    Wish you a wonderful weekend...

    1. That is a truly beautiful proverb. Thanks for the reminder.

      Echoing your wishes for Cindi.

  2. ... I think the Cardinals are a good sign too!.. love that proverb!

    Have a good weekend..

  3. I love reading your stories that you share. I'm glad that you have a new friend that has been so much help :). Keep taking good care of yourself

  4. I have just very recently started reading your blogs and I think they are awesome.Thanks for sharing.


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