Sunday, May 6, 2012

Full Flower Moon...

I am linking with Jamie Ridler Studios for her full moon dream boards again.  This full moon of May arrives the night/day after my 50th birthday, and no better time for me to consider who I am when I'm in "full bloom."  Considering how the bathroom scale has been nagging me, I hope that this is as "full" as I get while in bloom during this next season of my life.

This dream board was made and written in April as soon as Jamie posted her New Moon prompt.  As you read this today, I will hopefully be back 'home' in Florida having driven straight through yesterday.  Snoozing in my husband's arms, with the dogs trying to steal part of the blanket.  Not much of a birthday to spend it on the road, but better on the road than alone another night in Texas.

Who I am in full bloom is hard to imagine since I'm still trying to figure out who I am as a budding blossom... who I am as a seedling... who I am as a seed.

When I saw the definition of bohemian, I thought most of the co-workers I'll be saying goodbye to on the 4th would agree that I have certainly been one who 'acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.'  But in truth, my occasionally rebellious humor at work has brought the laughter that we've all needed just to stay sane.  I don't have difficulty dealing with authority figures... I just have difficulty dealing with people who abuse their authority... or people who constantly change the rules or practices depending on whether or not the day of the week ends in a 'y.'

Who I am is still someone who is discovering herself.  Who I am is someone who isn't sure she even wants to be defined anymore.  Definitions seem so confining at times... limiting.  I want to be all things... but I want to be all things to me... for me.  I don't want to be defined by someone's judgment of me, or their rules or practices.  I want to be able to live my life to the fullest without letting the limitations of a definition define me.

This is who I am in full bloom.  A unique individual who is bold, sensitive, caring, daring, and vibrant.   I am honest, sometimes sarcastically witty, and laugh at myself more than I laugh at others.  I'm creative, a dreamer, a poet, a writer, and someone who looks at the world differently every day I awake and open my eyes.  

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  1. Your blooming sounds pretty impressive from here. So happy that by now you are back in your much loved Florida, and back where your heart belongs.