Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heat wave...

I pull myself out of the cold water and drain the tub.  Temperatures are in the upper 90's (F) and without any air conditioning the townhouse feels as if it is in the upper 100's.  Heat rises, and the second floor is sweltering. There are no windows to open downstairs other than the front and back doors to get a cross breeze.  They face north and south and the winds blow east to west.

Still dripping, I dress in a loose sleeveless shirt and light shorts before going out to sit on the upper deck on this late afternoon.  Ceiling fans move the air, but do little to cool me.

I watch oak trees, four stories tall sway in the wind, but don't feel it touch my skin.  The panting of the dogs worries me.

A flash of blue catches my eye, and I look to see a blue jay land on a branch and squawk its arrival.  The quiet pip of the female cardinal draws my attention.  I can hear her, but she stays hidden in the leaves.  I hear the trill of the male cardinal.  Perhaps in response to his mate's call, but he too is not to be seen.

Spanish moss hangs from the trees...
Spanish moss hangs from the trees, a mourning dove lands on the telephone line before flying away as a squirrel does its tightrope act across the wire.

I watch a bug crawl across the screen, slowly stalked by a lizard.

Clouds are moving in, but little promise of rain.

I close my eyes, listening to bird calls and the wind moving in the trees, trying to picture myself in cooler times.  I drift to sleep and dream of summer in Alaska...

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