Thursday, May 24, 2012

How College Can Help You with Your Writing

Writing can be a funny thing. Some people are perfectly capable of picking up a pen or sitting down at a computer or typewriter and letting words just pour out of them, while others need a few hours just to come up with a single page. It's also highly subjective, meaning what may look like a surefire Pulitzer winner to one person might look like meaningless rambling to someone else. Some people see writing as an art form, and like many art forms there are some that are better at it than others. This doesn't mean that there isn't a lot that someone can learn about writing.

As with anything else, a person's writing skills can be vastly improved through higher education. Yes, there are plenty of people who have become brilliant writers without the benefit of college, but there are plenty of ways in which being a college student can make you into a better writer.

Better Writing through College Writing Courses

Some people can teach themselves to become better writers simply by reading other works. After all, it's been said that all great writers are readers first and foremost. While that is one of the universal truths to becoming a great writer, there are plenty of things that are best learned from a teacher in a classroom. For example, you may be able to recognize a good poem when you hear it, but would you be able to identify the form and structure of the poem and put a name to it? This is just one of the many things that literature and creative writing professors have been teaching for years.

A college writing course will be able to teach you about meter, structure, form, and other elements of poetry that may have otherwise not been made known to you. When you learn about these elements of poetry, you will be better able to apply them to your own poetry and come up with something much more polished than your previous work. The same goes for writing essays, short fiction stories, research papers, and any other style of writing. By gaining a better grasp of the fundamentals, your writing will improve, and there's no better place to learn about this than in a college classroom.

Writing Tutors are Available for Help

One of the greatest aspects of going to college is that you are never without help. It may certainly seem that you are left entirely to your own devices sometimes, but there is always help available to you whenever you need it. This is especially true for those who need help with their writing. Whether you find yourself struggling to overcome writer's block or you simply don't know how to get started with your research paper that is due in two days, there are always tutors available to help you. A good tutor can provide you with enough advice to help you complete any project you may be working on.

Writing Centers are Available Online and In Person

Much like the writing tutors that are available for help when you need them, most schools have writing centers that can provide several invaluable tools that can help you with your writing. Unlike writing tutors who have set schedules or times when they may not be available, these centers are often open throughout a school's regular hours. Many schools even have online writing centers in case you find yourself stuck and in need of some help outside of regular school hours.

While it's far from a prerequisite for becoming a great writer, earning a college education can be a great way to improve anyone's writing ability. Of course, going to college doesn't have to mean spending time on a physical campus in this day and age. If you would rather earn a degree from the comfort of your own home, there are plenty of great schoolsthat offer online writing degrees. No matter how you choose to learn, just remember that an education will always be a great way to improve your writing abilities.

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