Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jungle gardens...

     My secret garden became an untamed garden while I was gone.

     Bamboo ~  which I used to call alien invaders ~ took over.  Some of it as tall as the second floor.  One of the fences was broken and it appears in the process that the Confederate Jasmine which covered it was damaged so most of the vine has died.  On the side where this lizard was photographed climbing up the screen, one of my two Trumpet Vines has died.  The Seven Sisters Roses looks like it still hasn't bloomed, and was damaged as well.

     But the local natives don't seem to mind the change.  As I mentioned before, the cardinal family seems to be quite at home.  A squirrel jumps and climbs around on the fences, screens and bamboo... as if to antagonize Trooper on purpose who dances on his toes wanting to charge out and catch it.  Lizards dart in and out of the plants... if Ebony were still alive she'd be out there hunting them.

     In better years, this was my secret garden.  Vibrant.  Thriving.  Hibiscus.  Spearmint.  Rosemary.  It is doubtful that it will get to that point again.

     Gardens grow.  Die.  And are reborn.  Just like people.  We change as the seasons change.  We grow, change, and are reborn.

     I feel as if this is my season of rebirth.  A season of change.  When the old me dies away... and a new me is born.  A time of letting go of the past... planting new roots... where my vibrant soul can grow again.


  1. And we will be here to applaud when you come into flower again.

  2. Your garden can once again be vibrant and thriving, reborn, as you are doing. It may be a good thing to "rebirth" this garden into some completely different, to plant and prune to someting new and exciting, a vibrant growing garden to match the vibrant growing soul. To grow together...


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