Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photo Selections #69

Join me at FrogPondsRock as we share photos that have been hiding in the dark files of our computers.

These aren't old photos, but I thought I would share them just the same.

A Magnolia flower that David cut for me.  I'd never seen a "real" one up close.
They bloom on trees and all the ones near us are HUGE.
Smells wonderful.

Oreo, my concrete cats, and the Gerber Daisies.
All patiently waited almost two years for me to return.
I'm glad to be home again.

Oreo.  I bottle raised him from 2 days old.  He's nine this year.

The daisies are ones I planted four years ago.

Probably why I've never seen a real Magnolia flower.
They brown quickly overnight and don't last.
Still smell wonderful tho, and look antiqued.
For Ms. Potter back in Texas... this is how far I have to walk to get to the bay. Across the U-drive and down a sidewalk.  Watch for the sand spurs.

David on a boat a neighbor is letting him borrow.

I think I've always loved Gerber Daisies because they are so bright and cheery.

Like sunshine on a cloudy day.


  1. Love all of these. I am a sucker for cats. However it is a grey moderately chilly day today and before I go out into the garden I needed inspiration like these gerberas. Thank you.

  2. I have never seen a Magnolia up close either. I love the antique Magnolia, what a shame they don't last long.

  3. I love your bright flowers!! And Oreo is a cool name for a cool cat!!

    1. Thank you. When he was little, before his eyes opened, he still had to grow into his body. His head was so much bigger, but had tiny Vulcan ears. He sort of looked like an Oreo cookie. I would call to him like the soldiers on Wizard of Oz... Ohhhh-we-ohhhhh. He calls back Maow Maow.

  4. wow you are really, really close to the bay. I love your cat's name. My 18 mth old daughter squealed when she saw the flower photos. I think she likes them :)

  5. Oh you are so close to the bay. That must be a joy. And your cat is beautiful. The live one I mean. Somehow I don't have the same penchant for concrete ones ;-)

  6. aah to be that close to the water would be lovely :)

  7. I can see the ease of your inspiration. I shall call you Hemingway! Ha,ha...Absolutely gorgeous pictures, my favorite, of course, being those of Oreo.