Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"... so glad to have been such a blessing to you..."

     On what turned out to be my last day of work on 3 May, the usual office drama erupted over something as petty as a monitor privacy screen.  Words were said, misunderstood, misinterpreted, and pretty much blown out of proportion.  The person who made the title comment to me, I'm sure intended to make me feel guilty, and to regret a decision I made.  But instead, she showed a side of her self that surprised me.
What gifts, blessings and talents will you share?
     The way I look at things is pretty straight forward.  Like an hourglass.  When we are born, we are filled with gifts, talents, and blessings.  We have "free will" so can choose to do whatever we want with those gifts, talents and blessings.  And the funny thing about it is, that the more you give, the more you get.  Like an hourglass, it may appear that the top of it always empties into the bottom, but when you use those gifts, talents and blessings ... actually... when you FREELY SHARE those gifts, talents and blessings with others, and without the expectation that you are "owed" in return, you will find that your hourglass is constantly being turned.  Constantly filled, and never running empty.

     But when you give... bless... share your talents with someone expecting to get something in return... you often find yourself running empty.  Because you aren't doing it with the same intent that you were given those gifts, talents and blessings.

     The person who made that comment had been a blessing to me at a time when I needed help.  She gifted me with things I needed... things I didn't ask for but things she felt compelled to give me.  Her talent... what I thought was her walk with God... seemed to be genuine, and I thought that I wanted to have the same walk, the same relationship with God that she did.  I was almost envious (isn't that one of the seven deadly sins?).  I "coveted" what she had spiritually, and apparently she coveted something I had materially.  The problem was that the "thing" I had, wasn't really mine to give.  It was government property, and so really just shifted locations... shifted cubes.  It certainly wasn't worth the pain that it caused, especially to someone who was innocent in it all.

     Consider this... what if God watched us with our "free will" and how we ignored His Commandments and decided that He was going to change His mind because we weren't giving Him what He wanted in return?

     What if Jesus sat and prayed on that Mount the night before He gave Himself for our sins and said "Ya know, Dad, I think I've change my mind about this whole dying for their forgiveness crap.  I mean, really Dad... I just can't say anymore that they 'know not what they do.'  Not only are they fully aware of what they are doing, they do some of this stuff on purpose!  And they expect to be forgiven.... say that they are owed it!

     Even if you aren't religious or spiritual... can you imagine a life where even the smallest kindness... the smallest random act of kindness... came at a price?  How willing would you be to help someone?  How would you feel if no one helped you?  How did you feel when someone has helped you?  Did you expect it?  Did you reciprocate?  Or did you feel it was owed to you?


  1. I am not religious. However, I try to live the best life I can. Paradoxically if someone does me a good turn I do feel indebted and try and repay their kindness. If I do a good turn? It is done and dusted and there is no obligation.
    What complicated things we humans are, and how much more complicated than it need be we make our lives.


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