Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday Travels... long drives ahead...

     There are 850 miles between the house I've been "inhabiting" in Killeen, Texas to where I will be "living" in Panama City, Florida.  About a 14 hour drive, but with two dogs and a nap or two, we will be lucky to make it in 16.

     Mom wants me to 'detour' to see her on the way.  I haven't seen her in almost five years.  But it is not quite a detour.  It is 1182 miles from Killeen to where she lives in N. Carolina.  A little more than 19 hours, and I'm sure we would have to stop overnight somewhere.

     However (comma) it is only 593 miles from FL to her home in NC.  Ten hours.  A decent road trip, no doubt.  But one that I think my husband and I will enjoy.  A chance to see Mom again.  To see my sister, and meet my nephews for the first time before they hit their terrible tweens.

     I know I'll be tired when I get to FL, but I'm already planning another long drive.  I need it.

Home is wherever we are together...

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  1. For some reason, "On the Road Again" keeps coming to mind! I know that this trip will long, and you just want to get where you need to be, but enjoy the road if you can. I sometimes like to take the less travelled state highways instead of the big interstates to see what neat antique stores I may run into, what roadside fruit and veggie stands may be out, the odd "Mystery Spot" stops. Maybe not this time, but later, if you hit the road to visit your mom, take that road less travelled. Take care and may God be with you.