Thursday, June 7, 2012


     Jamie Ridler Studios has posted a worksheet for finding Delights for Each Sense.  These are some of mine...

I love the taste of…
Any berry sorbets
Sharp cheddar cheese
Homemade salsa with cilantro
Fresh brewed unsweetened ice tea
French onion soup

I love the sight of…
The full moon low in the sky doing a slow dance with the setting sun
Rainbows when it is still raining
A clear night sky and the millions of stars twinkling hello
Puppies and kittens

I love the feel of…
Freshly laundered sheets after a cold bath in the summer
Rain on my face
Salt spray and sea breezes
Trooper leaning against me to reassure me that he is my soul dog

I love the smell of…
Desert sage after a rain
Harvested onions drying in the fields
Alaska snow
Wet dogs after a bath
Warm homemade bread just out of the oven

I love the sound of…
Mom laughing
Rain on a tin roof
Henry snoring at the end of the bed
A quiet, drama-free home

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