Friday, August 10, 2012

Om Pug Loo Pug

     Poor Henry.

     Since we've been back in Florida he has been tormented by skin problems because of the fleas.  I've used flea baths, treatments, and collars, but nothing seems to help.  I can only give him so many baths before his skin becomes dry and causes more problems.  I've also let him swim in the bay occasionally since the salt water helps to clean them.  But he still goes crazy scratching and itching.

     When we walk in the vacant field across the street, he loves to roll in the grass and dirt to scratch his back and occasionally winds up rolling in some of the orange clay that was imported for a failed construction job.  Hence, my Om Pug Loo Pug...
      This was a digitally altered pic [since my camera was stolen when I was being a nice person to someone in July] but you get the idea.

     Needless to say, he got another bath...


  1. Poor Henry indeed. Would a little olive oil in his bath water stop him drying out so much?

  2. dawn dishwashing soap.... i was a non-believer until Beulah became infested. someone told me about dawn... i bought it... bathed her in two days in a row and almost all of the fleas were gone! i couldn't believe it!

    we pulled out the carpet in the house and bought a raid bomb thingy... that just about solved our flea infestation.

    now i give her a bath once a week with dawn. no more fleas!


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