Monday, December 31, 2012

New me resolutions...

     I confess to sort of getting an early start to my 2013 New Year Resolutions.  I started in October 2012.  I can be a procrastinator of sorts and so decided that if I started three months early, I might actually accomplish something by the new year.

     One of my early starts was to be a better aunt... so I have been consciously reaching out to my nieces and nephews to have a phone chat every other week or so.  They are all at the age of awareness now [and then some in the case of my oldest niece], and so chatting with them has much more of an impact now than my presence might have five years ago.  For both of us.

     I've also resolved to be wiser when it comes to finances.  So much so that when I've been given gift cards in the last several months by angels, family and friends, I used them to buy dog food, toilet paper, bath soap, and deodorant.  Life's necessities, rather than what I might have spent them on five years ago... which most likely would have been another unnecessary dust collector sitting on a shelf.

     But I made an exception this past month with gift cards given to me by a sweet angel named Vanessa.  First at Thanksgiving, she sent me a two card combo for "dinner and a movie," which I used to take myself and a friend [who has also been a blessing to me] to lunch and a matinee.  I still have enough left on the movie card to treat myself to another matinee AND popcorn if I want.  When she sent another gift card to Target for Christmas, I was in a quandary... how to spend it wisely.

     I realized that sometimes it is okay to ... indulge ... and so used it to purchase a beginner's yoga set [mat & 3 DVDs].  I've done yoga before and found it very beneficial, but had to sell all my DVDs to buy food when I was in Texas.  One of my "new me" resolutions for 2013 has been to improve my stress-free living ... while improving my health.

     New Year Resolutions so often get forgotten, and pushed aside when we wake up to real life each morning.  But this year... I have a feeling my New Me Resolutions are more likely to be checked off ... accomplished!

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  1. I don't do resolutions - but yours are simply wonderful. I am also sure that your determination will see you succeed. Health and happiness to you and the furs for 2013.