Wednesday, April 23, 2014

frogs ...

Lately I've had a hard time writing.
It has frustrated me a great deal.
I feel like I've lost something important.

I think it is because my writing tends to be a way to express my emotions.

I'm not sure which is more frustrating.
Not feeling emotions right now, or not being able to write.

I stopped on the way home from work to watch some egrets in flight over a nearby lake.
The sound of the frogs in the reeds was an unexpected bonus.

One day ...

I will have a house on a lake, where I can sit at night and listen to the frogs while counting fireflies and shooting stars as I sip tea and relax in my hammock chair.

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  1. LOVE the egrets and the frogs. And yes, one day...
    Hugs. As always.


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