Wednesday, June 18, 2014

senses overload....

The F-22s are training this morning so for the last three hours they have made me duck (inside my house and on my serenity deck) as they fly low and close to practice their touch-and-go landings.

The neighbor behind me has been mowing his dirt and weeds for the past thirty minutes and each time I hear the blades kick up a rock I flinch.

The temperature has been in the 90s the past few days and the humidity in the 100s. The slick sweat that coats my skin doesn't seem to dry at all.  The ice on in my tea melts before I have a chance to enjoy it.

Silence awaits me, broken only by the sounds of nature. Cooler days and nights.

I'm looking forward to the change.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

sounds ...

i was writing in my prayer journal this morning
on my serenity deck and listening to the sounds around me

a cardinal singing quite loudly but hidden in the trees
answered by one farther away
a frog croaking here and there
as if to interrupt their song

the wind is gusting and a light rain occasionally spits onto the aluminum roof
thunderstorms off shore are moving in
and my normally silent wind chimes and my father's bell
announce their arrival

suddenly the peaceful sounds of nature are shattered
by the sounds of an F-22 taking off from the base just across the bay
(whomever decided to call those things "stealthy" has never lived at the end of the runway)

i watched as it arced up in the sky, turning to go over the Gulf of Mexico
and realized that there will soon come a day when i won't hear those sounds

when the peaceful night is graced by the howling of a wolf
or the songs of the coyote
when the eagle's cry will be louder than the cardinal
and the call of the elk will echo across fields of snow

when the brightest lights will not be from an air force base or a (stinkin') paper mill
but from the stars in the sky and the glow of the moon

when the scents that travel on the wind will not be of chemicals and saltwater,
but will be of wildflowers
fresh cut pine

i better start packing
i'm in a hurry to get there

Sunday, June 8, 2014

feeding my senses ...

this past week ...

i took trooper for a walk on the beach ~ he saw a kite for the first time
(a little boy was flying a large white kite)
i told trooper it was a UFO
he believed me
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those frogs i talked about wanting [here]
have found their way to my house
and in the evenings i sit on the deck
(my serenity deck)
and listen to them sing

i colored a good memory
grandpa d lived with us for about three years
(in one of my pwp lives)
he was born the same year the titanic went down and loved to remind us of that
he grew up during the depression in san francisco california
and worked for western union delivering telegrams
he never learned to drive and rode a bicycle his whole life or walked
he loved to tell stories of those days
stockbrokers getting a telegram about the great crash and jumping from buildings
union workers on the boat docks fighting
his first Christmas tree ever was with us, when he was in his late 80's
cordless phones amazed him and he never did get used to walking and talking on one
he would carry the phone in his hand after telling his sister to hold on
then start talking to her again in his bedroom
(i would have to laugh and remind him every.single.time)
he loved to doodle his days away and all he ever wanted was paper and sharpie pens
he was a good man and is loved and missed

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I'm working a new shift which has disrupted our routine.
"Someone" now only gets one long run before I have to go to work,
and a leashed walk when I get home.

He's not happy about that.

When I got home last night, he would not take care of "business" while leashed.
After 30 minutes of discussing the penalties of disobedience if he didn't come when I called him,
I unleashed him.

"Someone" is now grounded for life.

I had to get the car out of the garage and bribe him with a ride
to get him to come to me after an hour of his "fun and games."

We sat in the garage after a ride around the parking lot
and had a discussion about his unacceptable behavior.

I didn't raise my voice or show any anger.
But he knew I was disappointed in him and refused to look at me.
He leaned back against the seat, head down and eyes looking away.
This is what Trooper's pout looks like,
except that he won't look at you when he does it.
It was hard to keep from smiling at his remorse.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

feeding my senses ...

i helped a turtle cross the road
(and laughed a a lame joke ~ "Why does the turtle cross the road?")

i ran in the rain

i stood in the shade of a tall oak tree and let the breeze off the bay refresh me on a hot day

i found a coconut floating in the water and imagined that it traveled from Hawaii
(although it probably just fell from someones tree farther up in the bay)

i snuggled month old kittens and felt one nibble my chin

i sang (loudly and off key) in my car

i stood in awe at the night sky
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