Wednesday, November 23, 2016


i've been reading a small devotional. the one year book of hope by nancy guthrie. i won't go into detail about her life and why she wrote, except to say that she suffered two back-to-back tragic losses in her life.

her week 46 is on forgiveness, and she had some powerful words that hit me in several areas of my life. even before readying the week's devotionals, i had already sent an email to my brother in the hope of peace between us.

"You can continue to play the waiting game with the person who has hurt you - waiting for him or her to apologize, to make things righ. If so, you're allowing that person to hold you hostage."

"I realized I needed to stop tending my hurt and begin to get rid of the bitterness in my life if I ever wanted to more forward with God."

"Hurt people hurt people."

"The bitterness takes root inside you, coming out in the form of distrust, insecurity, criticism, guilt, anger, suspicion, and fear."

biblical in nature, with scripture references. but even without scripture or the Bible, the devotional is great for anyone struggling with hope and forgiveness.

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