Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lifted up ...

I'm joining Holley Gerth this morning for some coffee and encouragement ...

Last weekend I rescued a robin fledgling whose first attempt at flying put it in harm's way.  The nest was in a cluttered storage shed on the back of a garage. A wooden fence on the end, with wire fencing on one side and the door.  The nest had been built on a shelf, protected by the elements and up high enough to keep stray cats from finding it.

The fledgling had managed to fall between two large barrels, too tall for it to climb its way out, and for its parents to bring it food.  It sat stuck and squawking for help, but all the parents could do was to call helplessly back to it.  Had I not realized what happened, it most likely would have starved to death.

Of course, in the process of finding and rescuing it, I scared it quite a bit. When I was finally able to hand it off to my husband because in moving things around to get to it I was momentarily trapped, it squawked loudly which made the parents dive-bomb David's head. He released the fledgling and the parents swooped in to feed and encourage it to fly to safety.

I like to think of God's love surrounding us like a shell. Protecting us from what might harm us. But sometimes our "free will" and stubbornness puts us in precarious situations. We flap our wings, fight and claw to do things our way. We turn up our heads and turn our backs on Him because we "know better" what is best for us.  We try to fight what we know He wants for our lives because sometimes, like Job, we don't want to do something. It may be difficult, or frightening, or different than what we are used to doing. He sometimes even asks us to give up everything we have ever known to be safe and comfortable, just to follow Him into the unknown.

God will let us get away with that rebellious behavior for as long as it takes for us to realize that we need Him.  He will let us squawk, yell, cry, threaten, and beg until we finally do what it is that He really wants from us. Until we finally say, "Yes, Lord, yes. Let Your will be done in my life. You are Adonai. You are my Lord. I know your plans for me are not to harm me but to lift me up. To rescue me from my mistakes, and from my own destructive, rebellious tendencies. You love me, just as I am, and I am yours."

And when we finally relinquish the hold on our lives and turn our lives over to Him, what does he do?

He teaches us how to fly.


  1. Cindi,
    What a tangible analogy of how God picks us up and puts us back in the nest to keep us out of harm's way. Thank you for sharing your bird adventure. I hope all the babies fly free safely.

  2. Lord, teach me to fly, even to soar.