Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday's List ... 27 of 52 or 3

an abstract photo of the bow of the boat while on the river
did not realize I had taken it, but I liked it
If you follow Moorea Seal's 52 Lists Project, I'm a little behind schedule. I decided to start where I was. Because I could.

List the things that make you feel healthy: mind, body, and soul.

1. Sleep. Solid, deep REM, restful sleep.
2. Letting go of negatives: thoughts, people, things.
3. Being in the boat with David, listening to the wind and birds in the trees, feeling the rocking from the water. Totally disconnected from all electronic and social media.
4. Writing. Blogging. Prayer journaling.

1. Sleep. Solid, un-restless, deep REM, complete relaxation sleep.
2. Yoga. I haven't done it in a while like I should, but I plan on starting again this month because it just helps with everything.
3. Fresh fruit and veggies to snack on or with a meal. I've stopped drinking sugary or carbonated drinks, and am trying to stop eating candy (oh, but Haribo gummi bears ... they are a challenge)
4. Walking. Like yoga, I need to do more. But now that the weather is nice for a few months, and we are less than a mile from the office, walking to work is on my list of things to start doing in July.

1. Prayer journaling. Reading my daily Bible and devotional reading.
2. Upbeat, contemporary Christian music on the radio at home, work, and in the car. Occasionally classical Brahms, Rachmaninoff, or Mozart; Gregorian chants; classical guitar; rain; or beach surf.
3. Letting go of negatives. Forgiveness ~ giving and receiving. Letting go of worry and anger.
4. Sleep.

It's interesting how most of those repeat and are tied together to make a complete package of being healthy.

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