Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday's List ... 28 of 52 or 4

Tagging along with Patti Miinch today and Moorea Seal's 52 Lists Project.

List the wildest things you want to try:

1. Hang gliding or skydiving ... I've been up in a hot air balloon and went on an aerobatic glider ride.
2. Snorkeling over a reef. I snorkeled in the Bahamas once, but not for long and not over a reef. It was so relaxing. I'd love to take our honeymoon (seven years late) on an island and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the sand between my toes ... and especially fresh seafood!
3.  Design and build our "forever" home, a totally self-sufficient and off-the-grid home and farm.
4.  Open a dog rescue and rehab center, specifically for beagles and hunting dogs that are discarded when the season is over.


  1. Those sound like wonderful bucket list items! I designed and built our current house (the house "plans" were on an 8-1/2x11" sheet of paper). And I'd love to do the last one, teaching them to be family pets, not discarded "instruments," kept in a fence forever.

    Wildest things I'd like to try:
    1. Spend an extended holiday in Scotland, soaking up the Old Country.
    2. Hubby wanted to spend our honeymoon canoeing from our state capital to the ocean. (We're a coastal state, so it's doable. However, we were married in December. I said no to that one.)
    3. I'd love to know how it felt to see my book made into a movie. That would be huge.
    4. I'd love to take a camping trip to all 49 contiguous states.

    Cool list! :)

    1. I completely forgot abut having Trooper's Run made into a Lifetime made for TV movie! That has been one of my dreams forever! Scotland is beautiful, you would love it!


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