Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday's List ... 31 of 52 or 7

Without a list, I'm wandering lost all week.  Fortunately,  I'm participating this year with Patti Miinch and the Moorea Seal 52 Lists Project.  I should have saved last Monday's picture for today, so I've swapped them out.

31/7: List the words that define your personality [words: plural = not just a singular word]

1. Courageous in confronting my fears
2. Creative
3. Fiercely protective
4. Stronger than I thought
5. Able to laugh over tall buildings and faster than a speeding train
6. Loving & compassionate
7. Giving & forgiving (can't forgive without being able to give it)
8. Patient (a difficult virtue of learning, but without it, nothing ever happens)

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