Saturday, July 1, 2017

What's in a name?

It seems like it wasn't that long ago, when a family name was something to cherish and honor.  It was your mark in the world, your heritage. It was uniquely yours, and even if you were a 2nd, 3rd or Junior, it was something to be proud of.

Your name is still something to honor and cherish, to pass along and be proud of.  However, even the most unique names these days aren't as unique as they once were.

In my day job of doing quality assurance on background checks, I make sure an applicant or volunteer is who they say they are, and all kinds of stuff an employer or non-profit might want to know.

I've seen at least a dozen times now where two people will share the same first name, middle initial, last name AND birthday. On occasion they have even shared the same middle name. Both will have criminal records of some sort or another, usually one worse than the other. The only way I've been able to exclude one of them has been by asking for their race, or looking deeper into their address history.

These aren't just common name matches as one might think for a Smith, Jones, or Williams. Some of these have been unique names that have stunned me when I've realized that they really were two different people.

I myself have 28 different name "doppelgangers" across the country, with criminal records, who share the first and last of my various names at times ~ from maiden to married.  When I was in high school ~ in two different schools on opposite sides of Florida ~ there were even two girls with my same name. When the intercom would call my name to come to the office, I was usually the "wrong" one.

So what does that mean?  How can you set yourself apart from others if not by your name?  How can you make a lasting impact on the world to pass on?

Actions. Actions speak louder than words, and stronger than names.  Make your difference by making a difference. Be the change.  Let your legacy be actions to live by, morals, values, standards, beliefs, and positive impacts. Don't look for the name recognition in your life. Look for the life.  Live a life that makes people aspire to be more like you than just in name only.

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  1. I shared my name (but not character) growing up. I haven't heard of my doppelganger in years. I wonder whether she is still alive?
    A quiet life is my dream.