Thursday, September 28, 2017

a month of Wednesday's Words ...

[I have been absent, but not completely ignorant of the words and actions of the world (sadly).  I'm joining (finally) this last Thursday in September for the witty words that have been provided by Granny Annie all month.  In October, the words and pictures will appear here on Tuesdays for those in the Southern Hemisphere.  Which reminds me of a wonderful picture I saw once for those end-of-the-world doomsday preppers ... "Keep Calm and Remember ... It is Already Tomorrow in Australia!"]

I know. I know. I’ve been gone for a while. I took an arbitrary absence. A diminution in my writing. I have no plausible excuse, just an immense sense of being overwhelmed. It has caused me to temporize everything lately, which has only served to create more pandemonium in my garbled thought processes.

I wish I had the élan of other writers who can produce perfunctory ghost-written articles for income. But I am not able to bifurcate my desire for toothsome writing with what sometimes reads like vermicular spew. I have an edacious desire for words that fill me like wine in a crucible. To write meaninglessly is gauche. The resulting melee between my values and my wallet festers with an inhere greed that I cannot submit to.

The bona fides work of an author should be without question. Subjecting readers to anything less would make one a schadenfreude of a chthonic region. So, I submit myself to a regimen of splenetic work until the manumit of this onerous life, looking at meme of angry cats for entertainment, occasionally with a yawp of copacetic laughter.

If there were only a savant writer who could advise me. One who would not look at me with one arm akimbo, as though to wreak posture in a haphazard fashion. As if I were a tare set to vindicate my inability to write.

My dream of becoming a best-selling author is flat-hatting away from me. It is true I construed it was my inalienable destiny as the dithyramb of my sleep prodded me awake night after night like a sericeous mouse dropped in my bed by a ludic kitten. My fidelity to that dream makes no difference if I find myself becoming a poltroon.

No! It shall not happen. Instead, I repudiate the turpitude of those thoughts, and choose to assay the direction of my next book in the solitude of the autumn bosky before the winter snows fall and imprison me.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Products I love ...

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I recently received my first Collector's Club Gold Bag from Jade Bloom. I was amazed and thrilled at the product included in this $18.95 monthly surprise package.  When I added up the cost to have ordered each of these, I could have easily spent $50!
Included in my first gold bag: an AromaWave Essential Oil diffuser for the car, two oil blends (Citrus and Namaste), and replacement diffuser pads.
What I love (love Love LOVE) the most about this company, is the fact that they offer up to 8 free oils as you learn about essential oils.  (and I confess to having been an essential oil newbie ~ I'm still learning about oils, blends, and their use ~ but Jade Bloom is an incredible resource!)
I'm using two other blends in the car because of how stressful our lives are right now.  Well-Being helps with anxiety and boosting confidence, and Alleviate helps with relieving our tension headaches.
(links are affiliate links, and thank you in advance!)

Several weeks ago I received two pre-publication books for review.
 (longer ago than I should admit actually since my reviews were due months ago, but moving got in the way and the books were packed into boxes I just recently found)

"Follow the Cloud" by John Stickl has been an aHa! read for me so far with pages and pages of underlined and highlighted paragraphs as I've poured over his words.  At the end of each chapter has been questions designed to dig deeper into what I know and need.  This will be a book I read again and again, especially in times when I feel lost.

"Where i end" by Katherine Elizabeth Clark will come out in January with Moody Publishers has been a heart-wrenching but inspiring read so far, and I can't wait to share with you my final thoughts when I finish it.