Friday, January 11, 2019

a train in the fog

This month, Lissa at the memory of rain is hosting Words for Wednesday. Words for Wednesday was started by Delores and now is hosted by various bloggers. The aim is to encourage you to write - a poem, a story, a song or whatever comes to you - using some or all of the prompts.

     Skye stood at the train station in Frankfort and watched the commuter train disappear into the fog.  She wondered if it had been a mistake to use her savings to fly to Germany to surprise her mother.  After hearing the voices speaking German in her attic, she couldn't stop thinking that her mother was in danger.  Especially after she had received the phone call from a man who said he had a message for her about her mother.
     Dakota's eyes kept being drawn to the sky.  He'd written down the vision at the beginning of the year, but didn't know how to get it to the woman in his vision.  She had blond hair and fair skin, with blue eyes that seemed to see into his soul.  Usually he had visions for someone in his tribe, but this time was different.  A part of him felt like he knew her, but in his vision he had not seen enough of her face to truly be able to identify her.

     Everywhere he walked in the following week, the birds had drawn his eyes to the sky. Always in threes.  It finally occurred to him that perhaps it wasn't the birds he was meant to see, but the blue sky.  Suddenly he remembered the woman who worked at the museum.  Wasn't her name Skye?  He had only been into the museum once when she had organized a display of local Native American art, and had seen her from across the room.  Their eyes had connected just once, and while it wasn't her pale blue eyes that struck him most at that moment, but her smile.  She was someone whose smile betrayed the loneliness of her heart.


  1. Intriguing - I think we need to hear more!

  2. this is wonderful, another nice continuation, though now I think Skye and Dakota seems a little sad or lonely as you put.

    thanks for joining in, have a lovely day.

  3. I hope that she gets there in time.

  4. You keep me intrigued, please keep it going!

  5. Messages from the Universe...I love it. I wish we didn't have to wait another whole week to find out more.

  6. I do hope Dakota and Skye manage to get together and solve the mystery of the voices and why she feels her mother is in danger.


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