Wednesday, February 12, 2020

drooling ~ WoW

     Words for Wednesday is a moveable feast of participants. Each month the prompts ~ words, pictures, themes, or even phrases are provided by someone new. The aim of the words is to encourage us to write. A story, a poem, whatever comes to mind. This month the words will be provided by River on her Drifting Through Life blog.

I watch the clock as the hour nears,
the thought of hot pizza nearly brings me to tears.

I shift and fidget in my chair,
I'm almost tempted to pull out my hair!

My stomach growls, the doorbell rings,
I jump from my seat as my stomach sings!

Then it happened and was such a sad case
in my hurry to answer, I broke my favorite vase!

That's what I get, for racing down the stairs,
Where I will get another, I'm just unawares!

It was quite unique, made with a chainsaw
A bear in a tutu, with a lace bra!

The derelict that made it was really quite skilled
I have no doubt there isn't anything he couldn't build.

Carving the wood like it was buttery silk
With the creativity of a beautiful quilt.

But what am I saying, what is this bedlam?
Just give me my pizza, hand over the ham!!


  1. Odd looking vase but I sort of like it. What a charming poem.

    Have a lovely day.

  2. Oh, breaking such a vase would spoil my appetite! Fun story.

  3. Your poem made me laugh even while wondering if that vase could be glued back together.


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