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Inconceivable! ~ WoW

Words for Wednesday is a moveable feast of participants. Each month the prompts ~ words, pictures, themes, or even phrases are provided by someone new.  The aim of the words is to encourage us to write. A story, a poem, whatever comes to mind. This month the words have been supplied by Mark Koopmans and posted on Elephant Child's blog.    And a frustrating side note... I had the first five words completed the other night and then a glitch happened and I lost it all.  Grrrrr!  It haunted my dreams last night!  I'm wrapping up the past five Wednesdays with a perspective from the female police detective, Angela.

     A knock on Detective Angela Garcia's office door startled her, and she slammed her laptop shut.  It never failed when she was doing something to relax and distract her mind from a case that she was interrupted.  This time she was seriously considering a splurge on a pair of Jimmy Choo Teja Embellished Suede d'Orsay Pumps.  Innocent sounding enough, but if any of the officers under her had seen the hefty $1,195 price tag on them, they might have wondered how she could afford them on a detective's salary.

     Usually, she would surf Instagram for cute kittens or puppies bonking each other on the nose in play.  It was something that would make her laugh, and she was less worried about being found out for watching them than she was for shoe shopping.

     "Yes?  What is it?"
     "You wanted to be notified if we had any new leads, ma'am.  We may have a lead on the killer."
     "Really?  Where did it come from?"
     "One of the veteran officers recalled a case from about 20 years ago that involved some kids.  There had been a history of molestation of the kids for years with various step-fathers, and with the last husband we thought the wife had killed him and then OD'd when she caught him molesting the youngest boy.  She'd had a daughter that committed suicide a few years prior and we think it was just too much for her to deal with after she realized it was happening again."

     A tap on her office door window drew her attention and the officer outside the window lifted a plate with a large slice of lasagne on it.  Angela nodded and the officer opened the door and set the plate on her desk in front of her before backing out and closing the door behind him.  Lasagne.  If there was ever a more perfect food, it was simply inconceivable!

     "So what about that case links it to these three murder victims?"
     "We found evidence of child porn on all three of their computers and there were various complaints and restraining orders against them.  That hysterical ex-wife of the Douglas Avenue victim said that her ex had molested their kids and nearly beat her to death when she confronted him about it.  When she had him arrested, the judge overturned the ruling on the last restraining order and dropped the charges when the wife and kids disappeared and didn't show for court.  Turns out the three of the victims and the judge all knew each other from some support group for adults who had been molested themselves as children."
     "And the link to the old case?"
     "The oldest boy, Peter, always seemed a little off to one of his social workers, and when he aged out of the foster care system they kept in touch occasionally with cards at the holidays just to catch up on his life.  The social worker always encouraged him to find a support group even tho there was never any evidence that he himself had been molested, just the younger kids.  When they exchanged cards this past Christmas, it turns out Peter had come back to the DC area."
     "Do you think the kid is good for it?"
     "Peter's not much of a kid anymore.  Mid-30's now.  In and out of homeless shelters.  Shelters he stayed at kept turning him out and banning him from the premises because he had issues with molesters and pedophiles."
     "Don't we all?"
     "Not like he did.  He got caught one night trying to set fire to the crotch of a man who had a record and who attended one of the meetings the other three victims had attended.  Fortunately for the guy, the fire was extinguished before any serious damage was done."
     "Aren't those meetings supposed to be anonymous?"
     "Not if they are court-ordered."
     "So we've got three dead men, a judge, and a possible suspect who all attended the same meeting for adult survivors of child molestations.  Does it look like the suspect was hunting men who had become molesters after being molested themselves?"
     "Maybe.  The meeting was the only connection between all of them, and we've got nothing that says the suspect was ever molested himself.  The officer who was the first responder to the house he lived in as a kid made a note in the report that there was something suspicious about how step-father died, that he didn't think the wife had killed him but maybe the oldest boy and suggested that the two previous step-fathers should be found and interviewed."
      "Were they?"
      "They were never found.  The wife claimed that they left her and was able to get divorced from them after a time claiming they abandoned her."
      "Any neighbors interviewed about the family situation?"
      "Well, that was a little difficult at the time.  They were living in the south back then, in Louisana and Mississippi, and those areas have their own kind of ebonics that is a mix of Creole, English, and redneck that made it nearly impossible to understand what they were saying unless you speak it yourself."
     "Hmm.  So where is this guy now?"
     "In the morgue."
     "Apparently the last guy that he tried to do his own twisted sense of justice on was more than he bargained for.  A biker that went by the name of Truemellow.  Drove a Harley Dresser and worked as a trucker.  He'd take his bike with him as cargo when he traveled.  We're still trying to figure out everything that happened.  Peter was doing some odd jobs for Marley's Superior Interiors in Arlington, hanging wallpaper.  The two of them met at the meeting, and something he said made Peter suspicious that Truemellow was also an abuser.  There was a fight after the meeting and Peter got stabbed in the heart.  He was dead before he hit the ground."
     "And Truemellow?"
     "Critical but doc thinks he will survive.  We've tracked him back and forth across the country with assaults in nearly every city he made deliveries.  Waiting now on DNA matches from victims and him."
     "Yikes.  What a messy case.  Anything that can confirm that Peter met any of the victims outside of the meeting?"
     "Actually, yes.  An uber driver named Gerald who called in a welfare check on his neighbor.  Said one of his fares was really weird and had stalked him, trapping him in his home for over a week before he felt safe enough to leave.  He confirmed a photo ID of Peter was the guy who had hired him and showed us his fare records that confirmed he dropped Peter off at every murder site."
     "You don't think that the two of them were working together?"
     "No.  This guy had solid alibis with other fares that took him away from the murders long before the corner's times of death for them all.  He said Peter gave him the creeps and so stopped taking his calls.  Peter then showed up at his house wanting to be let in.  The neighbor came over to find out what was going on when he saw Peter snooping around windows, and for whatever reason felt inclined to invite Peter over to his own home."
     "You talk to the neighbor?"
     "When officers broke in the front door after all attempts to contact him for a few days after Gerald's welfare call, they found enough blood for the corner to confirm that there was no way the guy survived whatever happened to him.  But no sign of the guy at all.  The house was just covered in blood, and it didn't look like Peter made any attempt to clean it up.  It looks like he might have actually been staying there for a few days.  Mail and newspapers brought into the house indicate he was there up until the day he died.  The neighbor's car was found outside of the meeting, so Peter must have been using it like it was his own."
     "I guess we should count ourselves lucky that karma has a way of taking care of things on its own.  Well, let me finish this lunch.  Write up your report and let me take a look at it before you finalize it."
     "Yes, ma'am."


  1. Is it wrong of me to be glad Peter is dead? His pain over? A desperately sad story, bits of which are repeated world wide. Which hurts my head and my heart.

  2. An excellent ending to the mystery. I wonder if I could listen to that and then eat lasagna. Possibly Angela Garcia is made of sterner stuff than I.

  3. Justice, karma, whatever. Happy ending fo the rest of the world. Thank you.

  4. He was trying to do what his sick brain thought was a good thing to protect others. So sad, a fascinating story.


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