Wednesday, February 19, 2020

wandering ~ WoW

Words for Wednesday is a moveable feast of participants. Each month the prompts ~ words, pictures, themes, or even phrases are provided by someone new. The aim of the words is to encourage us to write. A story, a poem, whatever comes to mind. This month the words will be provided by River on her Drifting Through Life blog.

Another week of words suitable for stretching my creative wordsmithing.
That rapturous time of sewing words into a rhyme or story that chills.
"The creature smeared the hot blood across its face,
as it began to snuffle across the dark basement floor looking for another piece of its latest victim."
I place a bookmark in my journal for today's entry,
hungry for another scoop of pecan praline ice cream,
topped with chopped up pieces of a snickers bar.
I start a blog posting of a funny thing that my cats did,
then become distracted by watching the last of the birds at my feeders as twilight sets in.
My brain at times acts like it is part of a small espionage team,
hiding the reason I walked into a room, as I look for some kind of synchronicity
to remind me that ice cream to cool my feisty annoyance was my goal.


  1. Great use of words! I am looking at the list and trying to figure out what to do!!

  2. Love the way that River's words flex your writing brain.

  3. You are so clever. I love the way you stitched these words together.

  4. What a funny use of the words. Yes that's the way life often happens.


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