Thursday, May 21, 2020

perfectly imperfect ~ a 2015 throwback post

Laughing until you snort, and then laughing until you cry.

Crying until you can't breathe, holding onto each other and crying until you laugh.

Late-night scary movies that make you jump and laugh, then when the nightmare wakes you in the predawn hours, it is reaching over to feel someone breathing and knowing that you are safe.

Listening to someone's anger, knowing it has nothing at all to do with you, giving them space to find their way back again and when they do, telling them that you love them no matter what and everything will be alright.

Road trips and making getting lost an unexpected adventure.

Comfortable silences that are only broken when both of you say almost the same exact thing.

Laughter.  Always laughter.


  1. Love and laughter belong together.
    I hope you can find your way back to a place filled with both.

  2. My husband of 47 years and I now have telepathy. All we have to do is look at each other and nod.

  3. Yes. And it takes a lifetime to live it all, and you never do get to the end.

  4. Just met you at Elephant's Child's blog and now following your journey. May it be filled with that laughter.

  5. some need to be taught laughter.

  6. Aaah, memories of good road trips! Nothing like it. Beautifully written post Cindi. Happy to have found you on the blogosphere.

  7. Laughter is so very important, as is the ability and freedom to do so.

    May you find that place of freedom to be again. I know you are on the will thrive, of that I have no doubts. :)

  8. Just met you via Elephants Child's blog .
    All the bestxx

  9. Following your journey and wishing you peace and love along the way...

  10. Growing up, I never had friends close enough to be able to do all that, even marriage was more of a "seems like a good idea and the parents are happy about it" thing. These days I'm glad to live alone.


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